Dental 3d imagery

The O Dentistry prides itself on utilizing innovative technology to improve patient comfort and care. One of the most exciting developments in dental diagnostic technology is the advent of dental 3D imaging, which gives us a superior look into your mouth and skull, helping us better diagnose and develop better treatment plans.

Why is Dental 3D imagery better than traditional 2D X-ray systems?

Our Dental 3D imagery allows us to safely see your entire mouth, rather than just a small corner from a traditional X-ray. This advanced technology gives us a better view of how your teeth align, as well as a clear view of tissues, nerves, bone structure, and bone density, enabling us to get a more in-depth visualization of what treatment plans can improve your smile and overall oral health. A single scan generates hundreds of images, and can zoom in on one specific area, even as small a single tooth’s root. We are able to control the quality of the image, and 3D imagery reduces exposure to radiation as a full scan can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

What can you expect when getting a 3D scan in our office?

There is little to no preparation on your part; simply relax and let our Cone Beam Imaging System work its magic in rotating in a 360-degree rotation, all while taking hundreds of images. The images will be compiled into a 3D image for our team to analyze. The procedure is painless and noninvasive!